v1 Spotlight

dos mundos

Jose Arroyo

she lives among Joshua Trees
and teaches English in a 2-bit college on a hill
i live in a suburb 15 minutes east of East L. A.
and work for a 2-bit air-conditioning outfit
off the 10 freeway

we’ve been locked up in here all day
in this over-priced motel room somewhere in Redlands
the geographical half-way point between us
we have cigarettes, munchies and plenty to drink
as she snoozes on the bed
down for the count after another 3 rounder
and i try to get it all down by lamp light

this one here, she just can’t get enough
like me she has apparently been starved for some time
everywhere we go she wants to get down
once in a parked car, a few times in public restrooms
and the other day i was leaning on an ancient rock formation
at the Joshua Tree National Park with her rubbing up
against my thigh, like a dog, until she reached orgasm

the women of my past, i pushed them in the well
hidden in the deepest part of me and didn’t even say goodbye
i hear their voices now, as i write this, screaming up at me
to get them the hell out of there or throw down a gun
so they can put themselves out of their misery
i wonder if this one will end up down there with them…


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