Edward Scissor-hands Doesn’t Smoke on the Subway
By Mila Anhielo

Mexican Heritage
By Candace Cortez

200th St.
By Isaac Boone Davis

As Crickets Dance outside our window
By jacob erin-cilberto

Anorexic Shadows
By Howie Good

By Jeffrey Graessley

By Jerry Guarino

Your Tears
By John McKernan

El Monte Yellow Jackets
By Cruz Medina

The Explosions Sound Like Gunshots
By Sean M. Poole

Poem for Noah
By Paul Kareem Tayyar

Out of Hate
By Denise R. Weuve

Family Re-Union
By Gordon J. Stirling

Arm Hair
By Tamar Altebarmakian

Java Gro
By Miriam Schneider

Curtain of Silenced Retina
By Leila A. Fortier

This Is My Poem
By Dillon J. Welch

unbuttoned dress
By Eric G. Müller

February 13
By Andrew J. Stone

Jenny dances
By Michael Spring

The Early Stevie Nicks
By Janice Krasselt Medin

Roger’s Secret Truth
By John Brantingham

Our Life Is Always Somewhere Between
By David Caddy

I Was a Dancer Once
By Suzanne Allen

Not Ripened
By Alan Passman

The Messiah of Evergreen Terrace
By Stephen Silke

Six-String Revelations
By Paul Tayyar

it’s beginning to feel a little like the ’60s
By Ray Foreman

Souls in Purgatory
By Scott Creley

By Bill Mohr

By Dorothea Grossman

Sir Henry Raeburn: James Cruikshank
By Gerald Locklin

The Two-Headed Man
By Tony Barnstone

Circus Love
By Eric Morago

Willie’s Favorite Bartender
By Luke Salazar

By Luke Salazar