We’ve changed our submission guidelines. As much as we love fiction, Carnival is now a poetry-only magazine. There is a competition and an urgency to online publishing that we just can’t keep up with. Some things simply take more time. Even if our paycheck-jobs hadn’t been demanding more from us recently, we would still prefer to take our time. Carnival is many things and one of those is a way for us to give back, but to protect ourselves from burnout, we must keep it fun. Therefore, in an effort to better serve our contributors and ourselves, we’ve made the decision to become a poetry-only magazine so that we can meet somewhere in between. This decision should also allow more time for special projects and the freedom to pursue different avenues.

Thank you for all of your support and understanding!

Our submission period is now twice a year: during the month of May and the month of October. Submissions sent outside of these two periods will not be considered.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Email submissions only.
  • All submissions must include a 1-3 line biography, name, and email address.  We reserve the right to edit bios.
  • Poetry – limit 3 poems; send as an attachment to preserve formatting.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions.
  • Response time is typically within 90 days. Please feel free to query.
  • We do not issue separate author’s consent forms. By submitting, you grant us permission to publish your work, if selected.
  • Carnival is nonpaying.
  • All rights to materials published in Carnival are retained by the individual authors and artists.



Rev. 12/2014